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  • Diamond2009

    I’ve never seen you wear glasses before

  • Yolk_ plaz
    Yolk_ plaz

    I love how he's old computer has a weird fan but my pc has a normal fan

  • Hello

    Im so glad dan remembers grim

  • i need 2 eat
    i need 2 eat

    can we get DR.tryorus back plssss

  • Chop Buster09
    Chop Buster09

    Hay dan your so thickcccc thaons can't snap you away

  • Toasty7522

    Dan cany you please change your profile picture it makes me stressed for some reason

  • Middle Blue
    Middle Blue

    pig tha tecnoblade

  • J M
    J M

    Soggynugget created the mil creature look em up

  • corgi dog
    corgi dog

    most youtubers: go check out my new merch link in description Dan: NEW MERCH NEW MERCH ALERT go check out the link in the description after the video

  • dean loveridge
    dean loveridge

    hey dan can you pls give me a shout out

  • Zam Haq Playz!
    Zam Haq Playz!

    no one can see this coment if ur seeing this ur 0 percent of the people YOU LUCKY

  • Bwaby

    lol rookie numbers

  • Counterfeit

    Boys (and girls) (and everyone else) Thanks dan!

  • Vaibhav

    Speedrunners after blaze getting deleted ;-;

  • Luna

    I’m 🐈 🐱

  • spymutant

    endermite purple nugget poo "fart"

  • Ion Zagaican
    Ion Zagaican

    Shiny/gleam twilats are red

  • Important playzYT
    Important playzYT

    Why am I laughing

  • Augustin Gervasio
    Augustin Gervasio

    I thought it was his channel that died.

  • Kate Navidad
    Kate Navidad

    The most sus Santa is Dan, cus he has no beard lol

  • Zayan Azad
    Zayan Azad

    Hello?...Hello? Welcome to your nightmare

  • Jafla_majid Playz
    Jafla_majid Playz


  • James Lopez
    James Lopez

    dan you should try friday night funkin

  • Darwilicious

    11:41 Dr trayaurus yeah i dont remember how do spell lol

  • Reece Storme
    Reece Storme

    You say tople not tiple

  • donna fowkes
    donna fowkes

    Dan do you have pokemon merch? My son would love it if his favourite ALgoner combined with his favourite game made this merch to buy! Xx

  • Vince Erswell
    Vince Erswell

    2:05 the cats head is in the bees butt

  • ItzMCedric

    If you remember Trayaurus and Grim, you're the most og fan

  • Jenny Leman
    Jenny Leman

    dan you look cool if you didn't know

  • Big penguin
    Big penguin

    11:38 only the ogs

  • Rafa Castrellon
    Rafa Castrellon

    "A wet version of a zombie" Take that out of context

  • PotatoYay

    Dan: would delete blazes if he could speedrunners: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Horangi 99
    Horangi 99

    Hope you feel better dan.

  • Grayson Frehner
    Grayson Frehner

    the desc of this vid is WILD when u click show more

  • crispy gamer
    crispy gamer

    help me step bro im stuck in the washing machine

  • Rys *
    Rys *

    9:55 search up colossal squid and we'll see....

  • Aisy Aisar Zairie
    Aisy Aisar Zairie

    Wait if there is no blaze how do player speedrun??

  • Royce Reyes
    Royce Reyes

    Creepers have no hands so you cannot beat them in a fight lol

  • Hikari fujisaki
    Hikari fujisaki


  • orange mini crewmate
    orange mini crewmate

    Lol my name is Ethan that was not me tho :(

  • Aviplays

    He was acuttaly crying

  • Tilon Plays
    Tilon Plays

    Pewdiepie Dan and bigB= yes

  • wircreach

    Yo how has you baby been

  • sloth squad
    sloth squad

    Dan pigman don't burn in lava

  • Manikandan K
    Manikandan K

    yeah i am watcching it now

  • Lisa Di Mingo
    Lisa Di Mingo

    Villager your going from worst to best og’s you know why - Dantdm TRAYORUS

  • Khadija Senghor
    Khadija Senghor

    Just think about those people who don’t know that Dan is talking about Grim and Trayaurus, they must be so damn confused😂

  • --

    2 min silence for those people who still think that this is real. 😑

  • Deem Boys
    Deem Boys

    How would we get to the end Aiden and carrick


    GLOWSQUID DA BEST >:( >:( >:( >:(, unsubscribe >:(

  • KrakenTackler

    Among the Sleep: Better Graphics! Dan: I don't care. Among the Sleep: Better Animation! Dan: I still don't care. Among the Sleep: Choice of Pajamas! Dan: I WANNA PLAY IT

  • Sploshy YT
    Sploshy YT

    I’ll see in 24:17 in 20 years so say hi to me k?

  • Lord_of_weebs0w0 *w*
    Lord_of_weebs0w0 *w*

    I bout had a heart attack when i read everything on this vid- The title The comments I just-

  • Bella Llamas
    Bella Llamas

    Oh the nOsTaLgIa

  • Niyati Barak
    Niyati Barak

    Only og fans will know Dr.- I want any og fans to finish it any of them ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

    • Khadija Senghor
      Khadija Senghor

      Tray- I’m sorry I can’t 😭

  • Rys *
    Rys *

    which stream did he walk the 17000 blocks?

  • rowlie

    If you don't know why the villager was on the top It is because of tryuaraus I dont know how to spell his name

  • Faith Sanchez
    Faith Sanchez

    The skeleton wolf makes a grown man cry (only veterans of dantdm watchers will understand)

  • Xblast 047
    Xblast 047

    Dan why would u try to kill incredillama in a fist fight whyyy

  • JpTem!

    it hurt so much it resonated across the internet

  • Lucas Kowarsch
    Lucas Kowarsch

    You should’ve put the blaze hire it helps you get to the end

  • Firestorm Games
    Firestorm Games

    *8:31 When Ellie barked both of my dogs started barking. I was upstairs in my recording studio with my headphones on and my dogs were downstairs.

  • _ CcloudsS
    _ CcloudsS

    I play on switch and im way better then you!!!

  • alexgamez

    A soulut

  • WyattW! [OFFICIAL]
    WyattW! [OFFICIAL]

    11:03 Vietnam war flashbacks intensify.

  • I Love Cat
    I Love Cat

    "Gwen been special in my mc hardcore" Skinny: am I a joke to you?

  • Hype games
    Hype games


  • Alain Verdier
    Alain Verdier


  • TheGodlyGamer

    Drowned, the wet version of a zombie” DanTDM 2021

  • minh tran
    minh tran

    Dan you ripped

  • Ion Zagaican
    Ion Zagaican

    Dan the duskit was corrupted u cant catch corrupts

  • Dwight Execquiel B. Pagkaliwangan
    Dwight Execquiel B. Pagkaliwangan

    Day 33 please dan play GENSHIN IMPACT

  • alexgamez

    I wanted to watch his series I never got to watch them all now it's gone

  • GabAp Mik
    GabAp Mik

    Wait. How can u drop a phantom if it can FLY!?!???!?!?!????!!!!!

  • Ryne Lander
    Ryne Lander


  • Muhammad Shah Meer Tariq
    Muhammad Shah Meer Tariq

    You got 25 million subs