I Am The King of FNAF VR
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I've finally done FNAF VR.
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  • Mischief Speedy
    Mischief Speedy

    13:40 made me laugh 😂

  • Endertazer

    No dawko is

  • Bossy B
    Bossy B

    Cupcake Glitched

  • Sarah Malone
    Sarah Malone

    only fnaf 1 2 3

  • vincent helvey
    vincent helvey

    Did he just curse

  • Nightmare Sans
    Nightmare Sans

    Dantdm you are my childhood

  • Mariolander10

    dan there is more then this

  • Purple Grape
    Purple Grape

    did he seriously put the mask on for Balloon boi? lmao

  • tide5837

    play terraria agian plssss 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Ithaar The Builder
    Ithaar The Builder

    He sweared

    • Yaileen Vlz
      Yaileen Vlz


  • RareBrockStar K
    RareBrockStar K

    Valve index lol

  • Daryoush Jamali
    Daryoush Jamali

    He freaked out so loudly

  • Shayne Barrett
    Shayne Barrett

    13:20 that was just the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages lol

  • xXNoah GamerXx
    xXNoah GamerXx

    You haven't done pizza party

  • games liki
    games liki

    He scared me so much a day before my bday 24 march i am terryfied of fnaf

  • Aleena Kaab Omeir
    Aleena Kaab Omeir

    Dantdm: I am the worst gamer ever Me: I thought you said you are the king

  • Lewis Reekie
    Lewis Reekie

    Plz play security breach when it comes out

  • Magrion Lord
    Magrion Lord

    Reads title: *laughs in markiplier*

  • Sweet24pea

    Dan: I'm the FnaF vr king Markiplier: are you sure about that?

  • Iconic Ghoulzz
    Iconic Ghoulzz

    Look your really good at it but EddieVR is the fnaf king

  • Kitten_Chan 18
    Kitten_Chan 18

    HmmMmmMMmmMmm you have some competition then, EddieVR 👀

  • Diamond2009

    DanTDM* *gets scared * ah Ah aH oooo

  • Diamond2009

    Dude i got scared man lol

  • Diamond2009

    I’ve never seen you wear glasses before

  • Fox fire Plays
    Fox fire Plays

    King dantdm

  • Tahir Shafi
    Tahir Shafi


  • Humaira Ahmed
    Humaira Ahmed

    Dan:I may be the king of fnaf vr Markliplier:typing...

  • reprogramed


  • Anikin3279


  • Anikin3279

    this video is four days before my birthday lol

  • Anikin3279

    I never heard dantdm said pog in my life!

  • Pyro Vr
    Pyro Vr

    Dan: I might be the new fnaf vr king Markiplier: when hell freezes over

  • Mariyam Arifa
    Mariyam Arifa

    Imagine if all fnaf games is actually mlg meme games

  • scp - sh*thead
    scp - sh*thead

    play boneworks

  • Heidi_&_Mimi329

    Ö is no one gonna say anything about how Dan said "GAHHH f*ck you Foxy" at 13:39 or shall i just mention it now 0-0

  • Jullian The Jew
    Jullian The Jew

    Dan: IM THE KING OF FNAF VR markiplier: um sorry to be the bear of bad the news but...

  • Rara Gibbs
    Rara Gibbs

    When Dan is the new eggs benedict

  • Rocco Cataldo
    Rocco Cataldo

    I am subscriber but I don’t have a Sim card I can’t press the bell but I’m still subscribed

  • lil Tony
    lil Tony

    Lol this is a really funny video

  • mango the Syrian hamster
    mango the Syrian hamster

    Dan: I am the King of vr Markiplier: you sure about that

  • TinTin S
    TinTin S

    I completed the whole game with three deaths

  • Electric Cat
    Electric Cat

    ur not vr fnaf king dum dum

  • Jamie Shears
    Jamie Shears

    OMG Dan why would you say bad word

  • ッSɑɨSγτɧε

    *markiplier disapprove*

  • DeciDev

    VR Dan is back!!!

  • Fabiojazzie Jazzie putra purnomo
    Fabiojazzie Jazzie putra purnomo

    I have a theory if you hear VERY CLOSELY! You can hear withered foxy saying Freedom its just a theory so it might not be true but for me i think its true

  • MiraTheTiger Wildcraft
    MiraTheTiger Wildcraft

    Dan: *screams* Asher: why does this dude scream more than me? Jemma: fnaf animatronics.

  • Micheal The Gamer
    Micheal The Gamer

    Your not the king markiplier is

    • Droggone

      Lol yes. DanTDM can be the prince of FNAF.

  • Zarex The Hedghog
    Zarex The Hedghog

    13:21 XDDDD

  • Jthewierd0 0
    Jthewierd0 0

    Laughs in mark

  • ItsJustBrisk

    sorry but "the king of fnaf" is taken by user, markiplier. Please enter a new nick name and try again

  • H Ka
    H Ka

    Anyone noticed he said VR because Mark is the king of FNAF?

  • Daniel's Arcade '
    Daniel's Arcade '

    Markiplier vs Dantdm in fanf Crown

    • Droggone

      Mark implied won before the battle even began than.

  • MysticFyreGalaxy

    Chica didn't sign Dan's hand :/

    • MysticFyreGalaxy

      Jfc I have 51 comments on this channel, mostly from 12-year-old me lmaooo

  • jamie humphreys
    jamie humphreys

    markiplier a new challenger has appeared

    • Droggone

      No challenge Mark wins

  • Yukonicus Gaming
    Yukonicus Gaming

    13:18 dantdms scream is more scary then boonie

  • Raptor XY The YTP God Of Randomness
    Raptor XY The YTP God Of Randomness

    Markiplier: HOW DARE YOUUUUuuuuuuuuu

  • The Regular Hippogrif
    The Regular Hippogrif

    0 flares inside those empty eyes. I'm scared. (Ocean eyes but for Freddy in fnaf 2)

  • jazmin smith
    jazmin smith

    thank you for being an appropriate youtuber, and funny!

  • Hairy Momma
    Hairy Momma

    No, your not the king of fnaf vr. Markiplier is.

    • Droggone

      Markiplier is the king of FNAF in general.

  • luks jutuber
    luks jutuber

    Hope he beats the other levels off camera, so he can see the ending lol

  • rap1d

    That was an Insane VIDEO one of the best in my opinion Keep going Dan! (:

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    Hahahahaah imagine the next fnaf game is scarier than this

  • Flooth Animations
    Flooth Animations


  • aditya nair
    aditya nair

    Plz try out genshin impact next

  • Witchy Ditto
    Witchy Ditto

    Dantdm seems to have gotten a receding hairline since the last time I have watched him

  • bryan pineda
    bryan pineda

    13:19 free scream enjoy :)

  • TSG TeamFourStar
    TSG TeamFourStar

    Eddie VR is the real Fnaf king

    • Droggone

      Wrong. Just wrong. The king is Markiplier and will always be Markiplier.

    • chaos and destroy
      chaos and destroy

      @Rafan TECH who cares about you

    • Rafan TECH
      Rafan TECH

      No iam

  • DoubleD Bois
    DoubleD Bois

    Yay hes coming back to vr

  • davgamer 121
    davgamer 121

    Dan: im the king of fnaf vr Mark: am i a joke to you!

  • Gabbie Pfeiffer
    Gabbie Pfeiffer

    One second in and I would die

  • Colton Wells
    Colton Wells

    Markiplier is really the king of fnaf

  • Poppy Brody
    Poppy Brody

    Excuse me Sir. The crown is still on Markimoo

  • Eowin M
    Eowin M

    dan "IM THE KIND OF FNF VR" .. *touches muffin* dan "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

  • SOME D00D
    SOME D00D

    Markiplier is the king

  • loonybomb

    Wow! You can do fnaf vr if I go on the fnaf Home Screen I quickly turn it off because I’m to scared lol

  • N 0 b o d y_Sp3c1alシ
    N 0 b o d y_Sp3c1alシ

    Dan:I think I might actually be the new FNaF VR king!..... Markiplier:I.AM.THE.KING!!!OF FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS

  • Perrin Bella
    Perrin Bella

    amazing as always ;w;

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol

    Somebody reading the title: I am the king of FNAF VR Me reading the title: Grown man wears headset and screams for a half hour

  • Sharkblade

    Dan are you gunna play Security breach?

    • Droggone

      @Sharkblade same

    • Sharkblade

      Oh btw I’m a youtuber

    • Sharkblade

      I honestly don’t know I’m new with mobile yt

    • Droggone

      @Sharkblade what do you mean?

    • Sharkblade

      I think he highlighted my comment

  • Sandy_Creates

    he missed his chance to press the showtime button... :(

  • Fnaf _1983
    Fnaf _1983

    Dan:I AM THE KING OF FNAF VR the whole comment section:OBJECTION

  • Team Kage
    Team Kage

    It's time for the skareys

  • flamgo

    0:22 i want a DanTDM vs Eddievr

    • flamgo

      @Droggone xd

    • Droggone

      Yeah, they can battle it out for Markiplier’s entertainment while he laughs in actual king of FNAF.

  • Gaming Trio
    Gaming Trio

    already sent

  • Gods army
    Gods army

    Is it just me or did he say the f Word he just blocked it out 13:35 through 13:40

    • Droggone

      He did, I watched the stream. He streamed it on his Twitch account where he is aloud to swear.

  • Mia M
    Mia M

    20:52 When he took a minute to look at phantom foxy though lol..XD

  • Jeziel Izaí
    Jeziel Izaí

    How it look vs how it fells


    It was so funny when he called Freddy a chunky beAr

  • Deepa Kashinath
    Deepa Kashinath

    Why didn't he get that ending scene

  • Pokemations

    13:20 watch it

  • karan b
    karan b

    Dan is the self proclaimed king but markiplier do be mad

  • Alfie Orr2010
    Alfie Orr2010

    13:40 did he swear cause it bleeped a bit? Idk

    • Droggone

      He did, I watched the stream.

  • Lee Hodgson
    Lee Hodgson

    It must be scary in vr👻🤡

  • Botty 29
    Botty 29

    You didn’t complete the whole Game Dan

  • fors.’

    Dan needs a bunch of father days cards for raising us. Thank you

  • Jahsean Grey
    Jahsean Grey

    Dan: come sniff me or something Me:WHAT DID HE SAY😐😐

    • Droggone

      *que weird fan-fics*

  • PaGeez

    I just watched one of your old videos from 4 years ago you don’t really have that fun vibe anymore. You kinda just seem really stressed now

    • Droggone

      I mean, he is a dad now and he has other things to do. But yeah, he has lost a bit of his light heartednes.

  • Lau Pea
    Lau Pea

    When you get jumpscard I am not scared but as soon as I play it myself I am a scared out of my life

  • Freddie Johnson
    Freddie Johnson

    Hi hello one is more annoying ballon boy or Dee Dee

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