I AM SHOCKED!! (Little Nightmares II Full Game ENDING)
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  • Iambored

    Now heres a contradiction to think about did six betray mono because they knew mono would be tall guy or did he become tall guy because he was betrayed by six

  • Sophia Sabbath
    Sophia Sabbath

    six saved you she saved you from herself she saved you from her eating you cuz she cant controll herself so she would have ate you so you should thank her! me: I'm going to every vid of people finishing ending so I tell them me: BE NICER TO SIX PEOPLE

    • Sophia Sabbath
      Sophia Sabbath

      you can search it up if you dont beleive me

  • kotori scarlett
    kotori scarlett

    The thin man is stoping mono to save six because mono is just getting betrayed

  • LotsOf Me
    LotsOf Me

    Dantdm:Six the hero all along? Me:Excuse me Dan? Really?😅

  • Joanne Tull
    Joanne Tull

    Did not see that coming twist ending😮😮

  • Shadow Dale
    Shadow Dale

    This game made my hands shake every time he died

  • Trysten McCaffery
    Trysten McCaffery

    Six!!! You betrayed mono you monsters

  • Jayden Anderson
    Jayden Anderson

    Why would six do that

  • Jonah Lewis
    Jonah Lewis

    My theory: six was good for the whole game otherwise she would have killed mono earlier because she’s clearly capable of doing things by herself but after being turned into the giant monster she didn’t fully recover her face could have been all possessed but mono wouldn’t have seen from under here hood when mono was holding on six was so hesitant because she didn’t want mono to die but the possession got the better of her and she let go after when mono is on the chair he wanted revenge so he sat for all those years plotting and waiting he then grew up to be the man and could finally get his revenge because he didn’t know it was the possession all he knew was that it was six

  • David Graham
    David Graham

    uhhhhhhhhhh WHAT NO YOU LITTLE huhhhhh why

  • CoolPugGaming

    “You’ve made him all long!” -DanTDM 2021

  • Ori Naoz
    Ori Naoz

    I SEE IT. with my eye door. mono (aka tall guy), in the signal dimension where time is a lil screwed up, (or mono went back in time) he grabbed six because she betrayed him, as revenge. six was the evil one if anything, and as we see in lil night mares 1, she kills, intentionally. so mono is jus the poor guy caught in the middle, aged, looking for revenge, but as younger, looking to protect six, so hes stuck in an infinite loop of death and crave for revenge

  • QPK Studios
    QPK Studios

    I’m so annoyed he didn’t take the other path, and some how managed to glitch threw the path six took, and not to the other way you were meant to take

  • Stephanie Kutterer
    Stephanie Kutterer

    Six is a girl and Mono is not the bad guy. And little nightmares 2 is a prequel.

    • Xayactlalli Arroyo-Salazar
      Xayactlalli Arroyo-Salazar

      Yeah that bothered me a lot

  • Spacerocketboom II
    Spacerocketboom II


  • Slothz 4 Dayz
    Slothz 4 Dayz


  • Ja'Shaun Abdallah
    Ja'Shaun Abdallah

    18:37 Let’s Nooooo 18:49

  • MasonTheGamer

    1:32 Dan: if only six was with me.. 7:16: hold my beer

  • HighFiveFoxy

    23:06 hard voice crack

  • HighFiveFoxy

    Six is evil, I just a theory video about Little nightmares and it makes a lot of sense

  • Ampro156 Gaming channel
    Ampro156 Gaming channel


  • Ella Doge lover i luv youtubers
    Ella Doge lover i luv youtubers

    Dan you have to see the truth video of mono and six its so sad :c

  • AlexThe Fox
    AlexThe Fox


  • Davidstream


  • no name
    no name

    Hey Dan if lil nightmares III came out would u play it

  • Colby Heckers
    Colby Heckers


  • Alexandra Werminsky
    Alexandra Werminsky

    Why just why did six betray mon- never kind I know why cause she could eat him or just because she's how do I say this I'm sorry Dan but she's a fricker

  • Rapid Sway
    Rapid Sway

    It’s took Dan 27 minutes and 27 seconds to make this vid LOL

  • Cloudie Jae
    Cloudie Jae

    It makes sense for six to drop mono, put six away from. There safe space destroyed there music box and left them to the dangers of the pale city, the school where they got captured and thin man. Six’s survival skills are for them and them only, six isn’t a trustworthy person they also use monos power when they hold mono at the end it’s a prequel not a sequels

  • Brody Martinez
    Brody Martinez

    dan i finished little nightmares 2 and i dont want to spoil but the secret ending is legit

  • William Bucciero
    William Bucciero

    You’re not evil just trying to stop six from abandoning you

  • negro deluna
    negro deluna

    Top 10 anime betrayals

  • Emerald Master
    Emerald Master

    Tha.... uh.... ee...... I......... that’s uhhhh..... DARK

  • Daniel Gibbons
    Daniel Gibbons

    Dan, I got some information for you. SO, Mono, all along was the Tall man, but you played as the younger version. You fight the tall man because, since the tall Mono was locked away at the end of that hallway, younger Mono let him out. The ONLY REASON Tall Man tried to take Six, is so that the loop would be broken. And here is some info about their names. Mono, because mono means: one, only, single, since that there is only ONE Tall Man, and Six, because this loop has gone around six times, and six is the sixth person in this loop. Therefore, there has been a one, two, three, four and five in the past, and the loop will keep going because younger Mono has always been more powerful than Tall Mono. Hope you read this! - Daniel Gibbons (COPY THIS MESSAGE SO DAN CAN SEE IT!)

  • Daniel Gibbons
    Daniel Gibbons

    “Don’t drop me.... :O”

  • Dreams Always
    Dreams Always


  • Dreams Always
    Dreams Always

    Watch coryxkenshin there is a secret ending in the end dan

  • Andrew Wasem
    Andrew Wasem

    It is not a house, it is the signal TOWER

  • Paribartan Sankhar
    Paribartan Sankhar

    He been there for years

  • Gamatoto_lord_03

    I just watched the other vid, I am half way thru this I meen what- wha- what happened dude six is almost as ugly as fortnite is bad

  • Tan Jose
    Tan Jose

    Dan yolo'ed and pogged on something that's not so pog

  • Dinodude01

    0:00 Yeah right

  • Mono

    I feel so bad for six:(

  • Kym Case
    Kym Case

    What you don’t know

  • Kym Case
    Kym Case

    There is a secret

  • Cl4pTrapSnak

    Six was not actually the villain, there are many theories that she did it because she was starving and she knew that if she let him live she would eventually eat him.

  • Cl4pTrapSnak

    If anyone knows can someone tell me why six betrayed mono?

  • Yahya Ahmed
    Yahya Ahmed

    We hit 25mil wooooooo

  • VenoToon GamingYt
    VenoToon GamingYt

    Six the one that cause mono to get revenge but he died to his pasself so a timeloop

  • Santos Mattos
    Santos Mattos

    maybe that was the past. And since his only friend betrayed him he became the villain

  • mr night
    mr night


  • mr night
    mr night

    Geting the axe from the door was the memoire of finding six

  • mr night
    mr night

    All of that is mono memorie

  • mr night
    mr night

    Now ik the game expailed

  • mr night
    mr night


  • Dean Yohe
    Dean Yohe

    now I know why the tall man captured Six!

  • Jayden Graham
    Jayden Graham

    20:26 Lol


    Dan: says there's no talking Mono:HEY

  • jeanne matson
    jeanne matson

    have you ever tried to go to sleep and had a song stuck in your head? this is what the game reminds me of. your in his brain not stomach. it's called little nightmares bc your living a nightmare!

  • Roma Wilson
    Roma Wilson

    The music at the end tho

  • dj gaming
    dj gaming

    Maybe little nightmares 3

  • Channel collectible Funko pops
    Channel collectible Funko pops

    I love his reaction the way his eYes go huge lol

  • minecraft king
    minecraft king

    this little nightmare game is sick I'm defiantly geting it

  • Ron Ron
    Ron Ron

    why mono he become thin man

  • sammy rose
    sammy rose

    six dropped him so he wouldn’t turn into the thin man.. but he did anyways

  • Mike Dierling
    Mike Dierling

    I think that six is the villain, bc of behavior in game one, and the betrayal. I think that this is a prequel, and the reason six betrayed mono is because of jealousy of mono's superpower, and that's why in game one, six eats the lady

  • Fallon Raine
    Fallon Raine

    O M G. when six dropped mono: HOW COULD YOU SIX. when I find out mono was the bad guy: WHAT. that game was amazing! i really hope there is a little nightmares 3


    Theory: Mono isn’t the bad game he wanted to get revenge on six for betraying him

  • Jade Esquijo
    Jade Esquijo

    I want a music box now

  • Jade Esquijo
    Jade Esquijo

    Follow the music

  • BadOrb

    Puberty hit mono hard

  • Heidi Geron
    Heidi Geron

    Dan: I CANT BELIEVE U DID THAT. Me: Well, I mean, she did eat a gnome, someone’s face, and killed a bunch of people eating, sooooo.

  • Andrea Lynn
    Andrea Lynn

    Dan when he sees the corridor at the end ULTAMATE SUPER LONG VOICE CRACK

  • Mellor Movies
    Mellor Movies

    I’m speechless


    So the tall man was mono and he was just trying to save him self from being betrayed, but at the and he didn't manage to do it. Also, I'm the only one who thinks that's how little nightmares 1 started. I mean, think in little nightmares 1 Six was alone and if I remember correctly she was sad because of something she did. ... I think😂. Also my heart broke into pieces at the and.

  • ItzJxyden

    LN2 is the prequel to LN1. And if Mono wasn’t let go he wouldn’t have become thing man. But when Mono’s mask wasn’t on, 6 recognized him as thin man and thought he might betray her in the future. But little did she know it was her that caused the thin man to be created. The thin man this whole time tried to stop six from doing this to his past self. It’s a theory and fact at the same time.

  • Helena Guest
    Helena Guest

    Omg the end just blow my head of because we were a evil person

  • LILgamerBOY

    Real people! How the heck are they real Dan

  • Jurassic Guy
    Jurassic Guy

    Dantdm's brain said: Look at the foot, ima grab it!

  • Snowy the bird!
    Snowy the bird!

    The musicbox made her feel safe. And you took everything away from her. Her safe place and music


    Mono could have talked about this to his past self.

  • Braedyn Peck
    Braedyn Peck

    mono never new that he was the thin man and a new mono comes kills the other thin man then that mono becomes the thin man and the it go's on forever

  • ꧁Wolf club UwU꧂
    ꧁Wolf club UwU꧂

    This is so cool and creppy

  • Moses Morales
    Moses Morales

    little nightmares II it's story is before the original!!

  • Bill Hunter
    Bill Hunter

    They both consumed Someone so when their older they turn into them and the same cycle will happen forever

  • Kaycee Love Cirineo
    Kaycee Love Cirineo

    fun fact the lady in the little nightmares 1 was actually six cause when you sneak past the lady you can kinda hear a music box

  • Hermione Pottahead
    Hermione Pottahead

    R.I.P mono WHERES LITTLE NIGHTMARE 3 I NEED MORE! Why did you scroll down?

  • Doge Gang
    Doge Gang

    Was she..the hero? After everything we been together? She didn't know what we could have been if she we went through it together

  • Gabriel Medina
    Gabriel Medina

    "Dont drop me" - Dantdm February 2021 18:50

  • JB Toys
    JB Toys

    Happened to Kinda six bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro

  • JB Toys
    JB Toys

    Why did six turn into a monster that she is the hero what why why did she turn into a monster she is the hero

  • JB Toys
    JB Toys

    Six is the winner okay bye

  • JB Toys
    JB Toys

    Row six is now a monster Row six is now a monster

  • JB Toys
    JB Toys

    Bro bro bro bro The game is so scary

  • Parker Gaming
    Parker Gaming

    Little nightmares 1 and 2 conspiracy theory What if “Baggie” and six were supposed to be under mind control but they weren’t and if your not under mind control they will kill you before you spread the truth. Conspiracy 2 This could all be a *Nightmare* Conspiracy 3 This could all be in a separate reality and he is just reliving a *NIGHTMARE* in real life and Six in just a figure of his imagination cause he was so lonely to were his insane head mad up random people so he could try to feal said again although hat would never happen and he knew it, six didn’t let go of him, he let go of *reality* The only reason six could be a monster is cause she, let go of here self and, ether *reality*

  • Riley Is Bad
    Riley Is Bad

    What I think happened was when six caught him and looked into his eyes he saw the tall guy and decided to drop him so he could save his former self because when six went turned into glitch he foresaw the same scenario

  • MadManiacGamer

    thought I’d let you know the teacher ep isn’t in the playlist

  • the rainy boy
    the rainy boy

    19:28 the face Dan makes when he gets betrayed

  • MinecraftAnimator

    11:35 what


    full on lion kinged me me: HAHAHAHAHA

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