I'm Going to Betray My Friend in Minecraft (Shady Oaks SMP)
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This is a brand new Minecraft SMP! This Minecraft SMP features old school Minecraft ALgoners where we go to chill... or cause havoc!
Edited by: twitter.com/NoGoodDavis
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but me and old Minecraft ALgoners on the Shady Oaks SMP!

  • Jackson Martinez
    Jackson Martinez

    i love how at 18:34 the creeper in the top right of squidys house

  • pokemon addicted103
    pokemon addicted103

    Do more shady oaks

  • NashTheDash05

    The 476 people who dislike this video is dumb

  • King Taz
    King Taz

    Bruh this was literally uploaded twice the vid before this has the same thing and topic just more random stuff last time

  • arlington collado
    arlington collado


  • Kaylee Davis
    Kaylee Davis

    Just keep in mind that he can take the enchants off with a grindstone. Unless of course grindstones don’t take off curses. Idk

  • Incognito Master
    Incognito Master

    Haven watched this guy in forever... Why deos he gave glasses?

  • ShinyDiamond Creeper
    ShinyDiamond Creeper

    Both of the horses started spinning Me: ITS A BEYBLADE BATTLE

  • Minecraft Fan1000
    Minecraft Fan1000

    why have you started to wear glasses is it because staring at the screen all day make your eyes hurt?

  • Unknown Entity
    Unknown Entity

    Dan, please make a channel where you make your live videos. Name: DanStreams

  • DanteNauit 9009
    DanteNauit 9009

    You should continue moreTDM channel

  • Jordan Balog
    Jordan Balog

    The outro Music 🙃🙃🙃

  • Aayushi Chauhan
    Aayushi Chauhan

    2:29 that's what she said 😏

  • Luca Tatone
    Luca Tatone

    Dan for the memes get librarian villagers that trade you curses. That would be funny if you did it to everyones stuff.

  • David Hisler
    David Hisler

    I could never imagine if Dan would say pog

  • Laurie Liss
    Laurie Liss

    It's getting spOICy

  • Jessica Scarbro
    Jessica Scarbro

    What should I get Minecraft dungeons or slime rancher???

  • Pastel Ghost
    Pastel Ghost

    Note to myself, 8:39

  • TheYoungK

    Ey, let's go

  • VirtualSubZero

    They should bring popularmmos to this

  • Alan Thomas
    Alan Thomas

    Dan: Yeah, ill give googly eyes a go. Dan 1 second later: Googly Eyes! I think he’s making a mockery of my business!


    More plz

  • Jonathan Kristane Baringin Sitorus 1303047
    Jonathan Kristane Baringin Sitorus 1303047

    pog or gers?

  • Samuel Rebbeck
    Samuel Rebbeck

    Why is he wearing glasses now

  • Daniminecraft

    The Googley eyes don’t look good

  • Natedog Gaming
    Natedog Gaming

    Add pat and jen

  • PixelisedSquid

    Since when has he started using his outro from the diamand dimensions days

  • Gaston Rugel
    Gaston Rugel

    Lol I’m pretty sure he can grindstone

  • DynoKazz

    Why didn't he swap da VANISH BOI for the treasure map? ... SeCrEtS

  • Pasan Fernando
    Pasan Fernando


  • lazybones97

    Rip dans eye

  • bangtan cart
    bangtan cart

    oh my after these years i came to tell that dan is wearing glasses. oh...

  • SMH Light
    SMH Light

    Am I the only one who realized at 5:56 he put “Gadonk” instead of “Gandonk” 😂

  • Abdealaziz Atallah
    Abdealaziz Atallah

    That’s sad

  • Velper Gaming
    Velper Gaming

    Damn snitchers

  • Andres Eran
    Andres Eran

    I hate the eyes

  • GamingAnimators

    Love that he's got the old outro

  • GamingAnimators

    That ad kinda clashes with the whole creepy thing he's got on

  • GamingAnimators

    Put a diamond logo on the tower

  • Owen Osazee
    Owen Osazee

    Damn dan really has come a long way im 13 now adn ive being watching dan for over 7 years when i was 6 wow! for real dan you are the best you really have being helping me trhu my strugles thanks :)))))))))

  • Carter Bella
    Carter Bella

    Why do you have glasses

  • I play Games
    I play Games

    Best series ever

  • Alice Bananaaa
    Alice Bananaaa

    Why is the out to do good now!!!!!!?????

  • Henrique Quintas
    Henrique Quintas

    12:27 Meme material right here

  • claire timmons
    claire timmons

    Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭🍪🍩🐶🦊🍒🌞🍭

  • John-Joseph Easton
    John-Joseph Easton

    25m subs

  • Nicole Velasco
    Nicole Velasco

    I just stepped on my computer charger and now my foot is in immense pain and it is BLEEDING! You think legos are bad, try steping on a computer charger really hard!

  • Nicole Velasco
    Nicole Velasco

    Shady Oaks is real shady...

  • Ryan W
    Ryan W

    Woah dan's got glasses?!

  • jason west
    jason west

    the horse glitch is hilarious

  • jason west
    jason west

    "you killed the tube"

  • William Mason
    William Mason

    why is dan wearing glasses lol

  • Talan Young
    Talan Young

    nice shades

  • benita armentrout
    benita armentrout

    Nice mug Dan

  • Drisp

    Me:I dont usually cry over nostalgia Dan: *Puts in old intro* Me: *I sometimes cry over nostalgia*

  • D.R. Tutorial
    D.R. Tutorial


  • Kenny Kithan
    Kenny Kithan

    Play slime rancher plz.And don't make shady Oaks smp video's

  • Godzilla Reviews
    Godzilla Reviews


  • Roman Bellic
    Roman Bellic

    That old intro brings back memories from the lab😔

  • redfighter47 - Roblox
    redfighter47 - Roblox

    ᴼⁿˡʸ ᵖᵒᵍᵍᵉʳˢ ᶜᵃⁿ ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ

    • Noah Bolen
      Noah Bolen


  • Muzzy Munchkin
    Muzzy Munchkin

    oh god dan has glasses now 😳

  • Nuke It
    Nuke It

    The epic spin battle how is the fastest 6:43

  • Overlord Rexomnius
    Overlord Rexomnius

    Call the other horse Sagittarius (bayblayde reference)

  • Overlord Rexomnius
    Overlord Rexomnius

    Dan, you could put the Eye of Sauron on the top of the Danpire/Empire state building

  • Stormy Trevino
    Stormy Trevino

    Honestly the damn outro music makes me so happy ugh 😊

  • ronpavanished

    SMP idea: for the lore fans, read this you know the gambling stuff? yeah. you can just keep the item in your inventory. you’ll be known as the best businessman ever. you’ll beat squid and yada yada yada!

  • King Tock Edits
    King Tock Edits

    No one: The horses: LET IT RIP!!*starts spinning*

  • Mohid Rizwan
    Mohid Rizwan


  • Kiyo Kenzie
    Kiyo Kenzie

    If you wanna a scary music disc, mellohi is the ONE FOR YOU!!

  • MimThe DucklingQueen
    MimThe DucklingQueen


  • XaviereX

    Wait DanTDM wears glasses?

    • Unknown

      Now yeah

  • Kynan Craddock
    Kynan Craddock

    What happened to a grindstone

  • wes we
    wes we

    I love this series

  • •matilda•


  • Carter Mauk
    Carter Mauk

    who’s here from 5 years ago just seeing what he’s doing

  • Carter And lucas YT
    Carter And lucas YT

    As one of the marvel cast said snitches end up in DITCHES

  • DS_Galactic

    The hit of sorta Nostalgia at the end

  • Unicorns Love Candy
    Unicorns Love Candy

    I legit saw "IBALL"

  • • Ruby_18 •
    • Ruby_18 •

    You get about 3,000 subs on a daily basis

  • Apollo

    Why is he wearing glasses for all of a sudden literally every video he has glasses on


    16:35 *James has unlocked: Santa’s Claws!*

    • Unknown


  • Edward animations
    Edward animations


  • Clare Ramsden
    Clare Ramsden

    dan should troll thinknoodles

  • ys

    Notice how Dan said he reckons the black horse is fast

  • royal Dev1L
    royal Dev1L

    I love the old outro

  • Pay Playz
    Pay Playz

    Glasses since when

  • King FaZeIQ
    King FaZeIQ

    Whats mlg

  • Samai Belac
    Samai Belac

    Im gonna keep rewatching this series. Its AMAZING! Keep it up Dan😊

  • Bridget Yakista
    Bridget Yakista

    2:40 dan sorry but that tower looks bad....... i think its just me because i do detailed builds and mega builds but yeah coud use some more detail on that tower of yours

  • michael rodrigues
    michael rodrigues

    Dan and squid are gonna burn the server down

  • Y LW
    Y LW

    Hey dan I’ve seen your vid on backflip madness and I think you should play pheonix’s game play Minecraft as a virus

  • AxeCubic

    The horses started a Beyblade battle

  • justicecaparros

    DanTDM: professional traitor

  • justin bernard garcia
    justin bernard garcia

    Derp ssundee is also a og minecraft player right?invite him pretty please.

  • Dragon King
    Dragon King

    i love he brought his old song back so many memories

  • SenopatiF12

    i am not a big MC fan but i am trying to be one... uh, ok anyways.. once i was playing Minecraft and i found a golden helmet, and i use it.. but then acouple days go by and i made a new skin in MC, and since i was wearing the gold helmet, i need to take it off so i can see my self in my new skin but uh.. it said "Cursed Of Binding" well.. i didn't know what binding means, so i searched it up.... lets just say i needed to drown my self o-o

  • Alysa Ramsay
    Alysa Ramsay

    Dan......THE BETRAYER!: Dan mines in a cave, and finds a chest with an enchantment book! but the enchantment isnt an enchantment! its a curse! Dan tells Thnxcya and they decide to gang up against Squid! but things dont work out well......

  • Alysa Ramsay
    Alysa Ramsay

    Shay oaks: ep 6: Dan......THE BETRAYER!

  • Blake Fiddlesticks
    Blake Fiddlesticks

    I used to think that the curses on enchantment books (curse of binding and the book Dan had) were a good thing if you put it on armor or gear

  • Sentinel D'Frax
    Sentinel D'Frax

    Just wanna say, grindstone exist and you can disenchant an enchanted item.

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