"If You Scam Me, I Will Stab You.." (Shady Oaks SMP)
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This is a brand new Minecraft SMP! This Minecraft SMP features old school Minecraft ALgoners where we go to chill... or cause havoc!
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  • Haroon Ijaz
    Haroon Ijaz

    Invite ssundee and Captainsparklez

  • HeyItzMe 07
    HeyItzMe 07

    Wait is Shady oaks a survival/roleplay server-

  • Aly Hisham
    Aly Hisham

    Why did you stop making more shady oaks vids

  • Katalin Csermely
    Katalin Csermely

    So Dan’s a double agent

  • The A List
    The A List

    Hey @DanTDM start uploading on youtube your twitch streams are too long pls

  • BurritoCat72

    💎 ✨𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙳𝚒𝚊𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚍 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚝✨💎

  • Potato

    can i join im very popular

    • King Boy
      King Boy

      You have 5 subscribers

  • kevin the orange
    kevin the orange

    When will he upload shady oaks again

  • Exploding Gamer
    Exploding Gamer

    Nothing...Nothing for a month

  • Mamun Kureshi
    Mamun Kureshi

    Squid has probably joined the dream smp and now he got infected by the egg and is listening to the egg

  • S D
    S D

    He’s corrupt squid is literally holding the ring kinedness is the ring it is the presses

  • S D
    S D

    Squids Gollum 100%

  • Horned Pineapple
    Horned Pineapple

    Squid: “I will stab you” Minecraft: peaceful music

  • Player 114
    Player 114

    Im getting Lord of the rings vibes.

  • ZoardPaul Matyas
    ZoardPaul Matyas

    I cant whait for a new vid

  • Jason Halim
    Jason Halim

    I think the red thing on squids arm is the red egg in dream smp but in shady oaks

  • FuntimePlushAdventures

    Squid is turning into Gollum, and is probably gonna be the antagonist of the series.

  • Actor Fox5902
    Actor Fox5902

    Pls add BadBoyHalo, SB737, Philza, and vikkstar

  • seaghj seagh
    seaghj seagh

    you need to add stampy

  • Brandon Pokémon master
    Brandon Pokémon master

    Call SB to defeat Squid. SB is good at pvp. Also can't you grindstone the sword?

  • Alfieplayzzz


  • parchoakes 17
    parchoakes 17

    Couldn't he just use a grindstone

    • Matthew BROWN
      Matthew BROWN

      Curses don’t come off on grindstones

  • zerachin

    can’t squid just disenchant the curse

  • NoahsNoah3

    Invite tommy to the server

    • RobloxRobot

      its for OG minecraft youtubers

  • Nxt_Hatred

    I somehow got so used to dan wearing glasses, that when he doesnt wear glasses he looks- weird for me LMFAO


    Can you make another SMP video?

  • Friendly DEMOGORGON
    Friendly DEMOGORGON


  • hifza shariff
    hifza shariff

    Pls make more it has been a month

  • Divit Kanoria
    Divit Kanoria

    please get another horse and name it/him/her slow horse

  • ElectroTunes

    IS there going to be anymore?

  • Anthony Gardiol
    Anthony Gardiol

    I am banned from his stream for saying the n word in chat

  • Stephen Adby SA
    Stephen Adby SA

    i want more shady oaks

  • Troogster


  • Isaiah Muronzwa
    Isaiah Muronzwa

    They should invite Ethangamertv

  • Sean Cooper
    Sean Cooper

    Bro he insane he is talking to a sword you need to destroy kindness

  • Nicholas

    me wants to join sMp

  • 08 Lol
    08 Lol

    You can just grind stone it I dumbass

  • Meekninja13

    Add stampy to smp

  • karan patel
    karan patel

    Petition to add stampy to the SMP

  • Smiley Face
    Smiley Face

    When will the rest of the shady oaks be uploaded?? If it will be :)

  • aditya nair
    aditya nair

    Plz try out genshin impact next

  • Epic gaming Tommy
    Epic gaming Tommy

    19:17 og music? Only Ogs will remember

  • eboy blake
    eboy blake

    Can u star uploading shady oaks again pls

  • Lunar Beatz
    Lunar Beatz

    Kindness gives me the vibe of the music discs from Dream's SMP and I'm here for it New SMP series to be addicted to Plus we're what, 7 eps? into this SMP and there's already juicy drama lol

  • Leon Jones
    Leon Jones

    I’m waiting for a war😏😏

  • Kate Nelson
    Kate Nelson

    If he sticks it in a grindstone the curse should come off.

  • Luca Tatone
    Luca Tatone


  • Maskofthecrow

    People who should join shady oaks. LDshadowlady Popularmmos GamingwithJen Captainsparkelz Stampy Squaishy Skydoesminecraft Unspeakable Ssundee Pinksheep Explodingtnt Logdotzip Antvenom Lforlee And yes I know about Stampy saying no but he should still be on

  • JrGaming 1212
    JrGaming 1212

    Dan you need to remake Leshoot in this SMP

  • Gaming Gang
    Gaming Gang

    Hi I really love your videos you are my favourite ALgone your videos are amazing

  • Chuy Bautista
    Chuy Bautista

    Has anyone noticed that dantdm is growing a mustache

  • Yousaf Gaming
    Yousaf Gaming


  • Rajas Jaywant
    Rajas Jaywant

    when's your next Shady Oaks vid? I'm really liking the series!

  • Ewanmassit

    Please add Pat Jen and Stampy to shady oaks

  • lionmaster

    Is stampy ever gonna join

  • Laurie Liss
    Laurie Liss

    the end is near . . . the point where it's still not even close

  • sharkey cat
    sharkey cat

    If you don’t add stampy I’m gonna be so mad!!

  • Dark Tides
    Dark Tides

    If I got the curse of vanishing on kindness Hello grindstone my old friend . . \/

  • Austin Moore
    Austin Moore

    How do you access the world? If you know please tell me.

  • Al Muhareb
    Al Muhareb

    Get CaptainSparklez and SethBling in here!

  • Crazy Crazy
    Crazy Crazy

    back to street fighter?

  • Alert Thread
    Alert Thread

    Can you please do ep 8

  • Why did I watch This video
    Why did I watch This video

    Damn just use a grindstone

  • Boomerang Yeeter
    Boomerang Yeeter


  • StepBroHard

    6:00 coming back later


    I thought you can remove the "Curse of Vanishing" with a grindstone!

  • The Bored Youtube Gamer
    The Bored Youtube Gamer

    Hi Dan just wanted to say love your videos and I have been watching you for 3 years and you never fail to entertain me so thanks

  • Yan Gencianeo
    Yan Gencianeo

    Add ssundde to the server

  • Nesst

    The fact I have been watching you since I was 5 and iam almost 12

  • W.D. Gamer
    W.D. Gamer


  • Matas Krainskas
    Matas Krainskas

    i want to join ur smp pls

  • wassup

    EP. 8!!!!!!

  • Spongeor Pete
    Spongeor Pete

    He could just put it in a grindstone

  • Brother and sister gaming
    Brother and sister gaming

    Day 1 of asking stampy to join the shady oaks smp

  • Mr_Kwabs 1
    Mr_Kwabs 1

    Where is stampy

  • FoolishCobble


  • Amber Wagner
    Amber Wagner


  • Available cupcake
    Available cupcake

    Oh god I have a feeling there's going to be a kraken. Or squid is talking to a kraken of sorts

  • Scuff

    House tour

  • CowboyDog

    Nobody: His Outro: I BLEW UP KIM! [Music]

  • Pizza

    I think this just confirmed, the rise of the OG ALgoners again!

  • Scuffsticle

    popularmmos and StampyLongNose should join the smp

  • Bond North
    Bond North

    Do you not post these to ALgone anymore?

  • gaming choo
    gaming choo

    when will you post the next episode on youtube dan?

  • Cheesy Muffin
    Cheesy Muffin

    whats the smp code?

  • Lakshya Gaming
    Lakshya Gaming

    Make A Other Shady Oak Video

  • Sarrybak

    Hey Dan ice scream 4 is nearly out

  • Bond North
    Bond North

    When did bigBstatz join?

  • Cyber Dalek
    Cyber Dalek

    Once big stampy joins this smp it will be complete

  • Golden Ez
    Golden Ez

    Everyone: talking about stuff Me: **he's wearing a tommyinnit shirt**

  • Nancy Absalon9
    Nancy Absalon9

    When are they gonna add team crafted to shady oaks?

  • Taki Kūn
    Taki Kūn

    This is gonna turn out great

  • Adam Arbab
    Adam Arbab

    man i remember watching him as a kid

  • Geez Louise
    Geez Louise

    So when will the next episode be uploaded?

  • Ben Jurasin
    Ben Jurasin

    Add popoulormmos!

  • Doubledecked

    He should get a villager for Dr. Trayaurus

  • Laura DeCaprio
    Laura DeCaprio

    U can add popularmmos and supergirlygamer

    • Laura DeCaprio
      Laura DeCaprio


  • Dr. CringeFactor
    Dr. CringeFactor

    Invite popularmmo's pls

  • Max McNeilly
    Max McNeilly

    The end though

  • ツ

    its annoying how kids or real ones keep commenting “oNLy oG’s ReMemBEr (random old vid fact)”

    • 8somo 8
      8somo 8

      So true I'm 14 I've been watching Dan since I was 5

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