Little Nightmares II FINAL Sneak Peek!
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  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

    We're looking forward to seeing you finish the game, Dan, cheers for the great video!





    • Ultimate ships
      Ultimate ships

      I love seeing u here

    • six

      this game is so beautiful and i love exploring it i look forward to having it :)

    • TomTalksGames

      @SomeQuestionableChoices hoi

  • Salamance


  • Salamance

    4:31 Why are you saying your dog's name lol

  • Biscuit King
    Biscuit King

    May as well just not play at this point it’s maximum spoiler now😂

  • Amaan Ali
    Amaan Ali

    D o o r

  • Lord Helix12
    Lord Helix12

    My cat loves your vide Dan we watch together

  • A piece of garbage
    A piece of garbage

    Me playing demo on switch Me about to yeet my switch cause it keeps making that rumble noise

  • MiyaweDaPlayer

    19:39 because the last guy was a... can-I-ball

  • Stahl Dog
    Stahl Dog

    18:23 usually you chose the best b#$ch's to put on your wall

  • Dat1Memer

    Why does he have a flashlight if he doesn't have eyes-

  • Jacob Playz
    Jacob Playz

    Bag heads name is mono

  • {シGacha_Dawgシ}

    Your voice is really calming, I watched this to fall asleep:)

  • Heaven Robertson
    Heaven Robertson

    I don’t think it’s a school I think it’s an orphanage because schools don’t have beds in them

  • Heaven Robertson
    Heaven Robertson

    Okay I have a question if he has no eyes then why does he need a flashlight?🤔

  • Real Fabsgames
    Real Fabsgames

    16:11 Running to the door Game: *SIKE* Player gets knocked outside

  • Real Fabsgames
    Real Fabsgames

    12:27 aaaaaaaæeeeeaaæaaaaa

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez

    Dan... Why are there pants... Me... why you don't wear pants

  • Jonathan Parr
    Jonathan Parr

    4:30 dan: Yeah were probaly going to see him again. me: I dont know about that one......

  • Fallon Raine
    Fallon Raine

    hey dan, just to let you know, the box head kid is named Mono, and the other friend is "the runaway kid" Six is the one in the yellow coat.

  • Hunter

    25:10 shocked dan

  • luca polles
    luca polles

    In little nightmares 1 I don’t think we ever took someone’s life-Dan Little nightmares the game that has an ending where you walk outside draining everyone’s life forces down that has you cut off the janitors arms

  • When the Flintstone gummies hit
    When the Flintstone gummies hit

    12:13 he has become technoblade

  • JGaddy12

    Sorry for the spoilers but the bag dude you was running away form is called the hunter

  • Michael G
    Michael G

    i under cover with the M -six

  • Michael G
    Michael G

    im not a giant -six

  • Michael G
    Michael G

    imma fan of dan -six

  • Liam Redfern
    Liam Redfern

    3:35 year 6’s when the year 2’s call them poopy heads

  • Babs Vlogis
    Babs Vlogis

    hey dan? can you play roblox again plsss

  • Babs Vlogis
    Babs Vlogis

    its not farmer is hunter

  • Ben Dandelion
    Ben Dandelion

    Dan: "I don't think I've ever taken someone's life" me: "was the lady, the gnome, and that mans arms nothing to you?"

  • selu elisala
    selu elisala

    If he has no eyes, what's the point of having a flashlight?

  • MadManiacGamer

    Dan you said in little nightmares Id think we ever took someone’s life😂 other then eating a raw human being?

  • Six


  • syrene emmanuelle navarra
    syrene emmanuelle navarra


  • Spyninja Serrano
    Spyninja Serrano

    Is there going to be a little nightmares 3 or a little nightmares 2 DLC?

  • Maayan Shiff
    Maayan Shiff

    Dan:in little nightmares i do not think i ever took someones life Me:RUNAWAYBOY

  • Theodore Caesar
    Theodore Caesar


  • Gaming Ralph
    Gaming Ralph

    lol yes way to scary

  • Mellor Movies
    Mellor Movies

    I watched you play little nightmares 1 and I loved it!!!

  • yam boy PH
    yam boy PH

    DANTDM explaining that that dude has a gun also him awwww his got a GUN!

  • Jules AD Jules AD
    Jules AD Jules AD

    Dantdm: run off to get your yellow jacket. Me: It’s a raincoat...

  • JM SJDHHSJ Msjfjahf
    JM SJDHHSJ Msjfjahf

    something was walking in the water...

  • JM SJDHHSJ Msjfjahf
    JM SJDHHSJ Msjfjahf

    he says, I dont think we ever took someoenes life... dives into the sea of emmeores at the geisha lady, ate the nome child, chopped off the long arms guys arms so hes ded sure Dan, wahtever you say

  • The three Stones
    The three Stones

    you killed the lady and the granny in little nightmares 1

  • LaYlah


  • JadenTheGreat

    This guy can do a 360 no-scope and hit

  • GunZ

    i love lil mono

  • Danish Gamer
    Danish Gamer

    11:07 did you notice there was a kid falling down

  • HotDoGG21

    Hello there Nick

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    six took the nome's life by eating it

    • Mono's Youtube Channel
      Mono's Youtube Channel


  • ajct

    Why does the guy who’s got the gun have a lantern he’s blind

  • unakocho

    It’s not farmer it’s the hunter

  • Mayhem Chaos
    Mayhem Chaos

    “I don’t think we took someone’s life” -Dan BRO YOU KILLED THE GASHA, THE PIRATE DOOD, AND A KNOME 🤣 what are you talking about?!

  • Jamie Marquezchavez
    Jamie Marquezchavez

    dantdm is so cool

  • J Mortify
    J Mortify

    6:43 Dan: :O

  • 05_Light_Guardian

    I think the shoe’s is a reference to a tragic event in the past (in real life this happened) were they didnt have the bodies, only the clothes, so they buried the shoes-? Im not sure i just heard this on the internet, also i love your video’s dan!

  • Isimangaliso Gacha
    Isimangaliso Gacha

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to be watching this at 3am...

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson

    The character you play as is called mono

  • Mr. Pickles
    Mr. Pickles

    Spopyer then Little Nightmares 1

  • B0o .c0m
    B0o .c0m

    7:53 Dan: yeah I wanna see their relationship in the future and how they end up. *The end of the game* Six: **throws Mono off** Dan: 👁👄👁

    • Phoenix TV
      Phoenix TV

      lolllllll!, great comment :)

  • michelle pagdonsolan
    michelle pagdonsolan

    Dan i am the owner of the game little nightmares

    • Mono's Youtube Channel
      Mono's Youtube Channel

      If you are. Tell me all the lore

  • John Matthew Miller
    John Matthew Miller

    6:44 Hunter: oh boy I hope they did not notice they were standing next to a-

  • T_h_a_u_f_i_ 7
    T_h_a_u_f_i_ 7

    Dan how do you know that the another guy name is six?

  • Zerax Gaming2
    Zerax Gaming2

    Dan if you go to 8:37 this is a tall figure in the background

  • Addie cat
    Addie cat

    No one: Dan: TASTE UR OWN MEDICINE **BOI**

  • Addie cat
    Addie cat

    No one gonna talk about how dan skipped some gameplay from after he fell into the hole last time to now, at the beginning of the episode? There was gameplay in between that he didn't record playing.....

  • Shadow_ the_alpha
    Shadow_ the_alpha

    The bag heads name is hunter how i know it

  • Umar Daud
    Umar Daud

    TASTE YOUR OWN MEDICINE BOI *pulls the trigger with six*

  • Sarah Arens
    Sarah Arens

    I thought that was obvious

  • Sarah Arens
    Sarah Arens

    Used Hammer to defeat the dolls

  • Sarah Arens
    Sarah Arens

    Therefore the dolls and the thing with the long neck is a teacher and the dolls or the kids for school

  • Sarah Arens
    Sarah Arens

    Well those dolls will attack you don't go towards them if you find a new weapons hit them in the head to defeat them

  • Sarah Arens
    Sarah Arens

    The neck was the teacher

  • Sarah Arens
    Sarah Arens

    The school is not abandoned

  • Sarah Arens
    Sarah Arens

    I know all of this because of Captain sauce go check him out

  • Sarah Arens
    Sarah Arens

    The picture that you just saw that's the teacher in the next episode

  • Sarah Arens
    Sarah Arens

    Think about why there's a rope from the window someone was trying to escape

  • Sarah Arens
    Sarah Arens

    Something will be behind the door but six stars not want you to figure it out and up and six will betray you

  • Sarah Arens
    Sarah Arens

    Okay so the shadows or people kids that got abducted I'm saying this now because he's already gone through this and I'm just catching up I've watched this on another channel but the shadows are children that got abducted and turned into the shadows

  • walrusinwar

    it gave you an achievement saying forged

  • Venetia Boss
    Venetia Boss

    Welcome to the bending skyscraper of the pale city

  • The Icy Bros Show
    The Icy Bros Show

    6:54 “I don’t think we ever took someone’s life” -Dan Janitor, Rat, Nome, and Lady: “I’m sorry, what?”

  • Ft vervz
    Ft vervz

    six looked odd when you were on the door with him in the water

  • Shirley Ubagan
    Shirley Ubagan

    The key design on his trench coat means he was destined to open the thin mans aka monos cage

  • Shirley Ubagan
    Shirley Ubagan

    Spoiler their in a time loop for mono can bend space and time and six can absorb diferrent of malevolent enregies mono becomes thin man and six becomes the lady

  • Shirley Ubagan
    Shirley Ubagan

    Isnt that true BANDAI

  • Shirley Ubagan
    Shirley Ubagan

    Everything is a night mare from my(children not mine)perspective

  • Shirley Ubagan
    Shirley Ubagan

    7:06 In the last on I dont think we ever took some ones life before Twin chefs:starved Janitor:head contusions Customer:falling Lady:consumed Runaway child:died due to being kind

  • W.I.N. no norms
    W.I.N. no norms

    Dan: I dont think we ever took someones life Me: YOU ATE A CHILD

  • AlexTheGMachine

    Since when did they get up to the barn? I only saw when they went down the rabbit hole

  • Star Noir
    Star Noir

    “He shot me” *in British accent* Baghead Hunter, I can’t believe you’ve done this.


    5:03 if he has no eyes why does he need light to shoot and also how can he shoot so good😞

  • Carson Hall
    Carson Hall

    i thought it name was shoes not six

  • TomTalksGames

    Dan his name 8s mono! I love ur vids

  • I'm Bored
    I'm Bored

    Dan: why are there pants? Me: 🤨 are you disappointed?

  • Daniel wood
    Daniel wood

    Dan:i dont think we commited murder in the last one. me who knows that six ate a gnome: ......

  • Theo Maano
    Theo Maano

    Mudkip is floating in the water 8:05

  • Chikalataz

    8:52 hello I'm DanTDM and today we're playing pieraft

  • Chikalataz

    Everyone: HE HAS EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TendingDegreeMC YEET
    TendingDegreeMC YEET

    6:42 Taste your own medicine boy!

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