My Friend Made a Minecraft Quest Shop.. (Shady Oaks SMP)
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This is a brand new Minecraft SMP! This Minecraft SMP features old school Minecraft ALgoners where we go to chill... or cause havoc!
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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but me and old Minecraft ALgoners on the Shady Oaks SMP!

  • Alex Wildermuth
    Alex Wildermuth

    It's the Dantdempire state building!

  • Daniel Mifsud
    Daniel Mifsud

    I just love Dan....... (no homo)

  • ATX_TheKingYT

    When Dan said “okay” at 9:06 Dababy has enter the chat

  • Raxacoricofallapatorius

    My god, Dan playing on a server with Squid, SB, BigB and Thinknoodles on MINECRAFT!?! All of my childhood has join together! This is so strange yet incredible!



  • Corbin Schaffer
    Corbin Schaffer


  • YashChua

    Bring back trauyaurus

    • Constellation Gaming
      Constellation Gaming


  • Furrymation :P
    Furrymation :P

    I heard Dan say Pog alot.......(Dad voice) He's been hanging out with that kid tommy to much

  • Jordan Graf
    Jordan Graf

    Jacksepticeye would be perfect for this server

  • Lucas Maskell
    Lucas Maskell

    Love the music editor keep it up

  • DiamondNose

    10k comments when

  • thedogs

    you should make a horse shop for new members.

  • Yousaf Gaming
    Yousaf Gaming

    I thought squids were in water not in the nether with lava..

  • Laurie Liss
    Laurie Liss

    Don't forget to empty the donkey

  • Dragonsauce 2007
    Dragonsauce 2007

    Who else melts butter into a cup and drinks it as a nice refreshment while watching dan

  • Tropicz-

    Do you reply

  • Mysterious redfox
    Mysterious redfox

    Thou art require Gadonk or thouest meaneth Gandonk

  • Alan Thomas
    Alan Thomas


  • Shady Chandelure
    Shady Chandelure

    There are more failed and forgotten projects between these then stars and grains of sand in the universe

  • BlAnK eX3
    BlAnK eX3

    this aint christmas, its buisness

  • BT Playz Weekly
    BT Playz Weekly

    Bro.. I haven’t watched dan in a while.. that intro is so cool and got the og vibes

  • hakboy

    if people can join then cant other people that are veweirs can join or no ?

  • Fox's galaxy gaming
    Fox's galaxy gaming

    Just saw the outro man that brings me back

  • GeographicalYT

    me nab

  • DynoKazz

    Has anyone had the same advert pop up a million times for games rated 18 Supa ARGH

  • Abood

    Everyone knows Beyblade

  • Kylazoth

    his old outro music hits hard. especially if uve watched him for years

  • Jeff Person
    Jeff Person

    have you seen falsesymmetry's base on hermitcraft season 7? Your tower is maybe a 100dreth of its size

  • Sophie Dix
    Sophie Dix

    Imagine if the neatherite piece dan gets is the shovel 😜

  • Sophie Dix
    Sophie Dix

    Ga donk lol

  • Googlie Hunter
    Googlie Hunter

    do more vids on this

  • samaa ibrahim
    samaa ibrahim


  • claire timmons
    claire timmons

    Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭🍪🍩

  • jason west
    jason west

    you should really make a basement for storage in your primary house

  • Payday 2 Walkthroughs
    Payday 2 Walkthroughs

    I still see the obsidian background at the end

  • KrAK3n_Dr4Gon

    yo should invite popularmmos

  • Jaz squad
    Jaz squad

    *the outro* Hello and welcome to another mod review! 🥰

  • The kid In the basement
    The kid In the basement


  • Mihaal Mohamed
    Mihaal Mohamed

    Hey dan make a mule

    • Yumile Raymundo
      Yumile Raymundo


  • TrUsT Pookie
    TrUsT Pookie

    can I plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz join shady oakssss SMP

  • DerpyBud

    I’m happy to see that you made the old intro your outro

  • MimThe DucklingQueen
    MimThe DucklingQueen


  • Carter And lucas YT
    Carter And lucas YT

    Dan: my empire... State building me: hold up ur an empire from star Wars 😳😳😳

  • Rhaughol's Benchwork
    Rhaughol's Benchwork

    Kraken's Hollow is somewhat similar to the famous game in the Hermitcraft Server

  • The Joke is I Insult Random People on the Internet
    The Joke is I Insult Random People on the Internet

    DanTDM is my favourite Minecraft ALgoner!

  • Ali Al Shanfari
    Ali Al Shanfari

    This is how many times Dan said 👇

    • Yumile Raymundo
      Yumile Raymundo


  • Froggie

    "You'll just be sitting on a chair" *little nightmares 2 flashbacks*

  • Greentan Plays
    Greentan Plays

    name the skyscraper TDM HQ or TDM Headquarters

  • Greentan Plays
    Greentan Plays

    hey dan, for the skyscraper ur building, the smaller the tip is the longer it is, it will look better 👍

  • Universal King
    Universal King

    DanTDM start the custom mod reviews at the old lab again.

  • GamerGirlXD654

    Krakens hollow for the sword of kindness! No one can take the sword of kindness away from me! If one of you dare try to take my sword, I will STAB you with it! Don't you dare try to take it away from me!

  • Blight s
    Blight s

    Off camera mining already Dan come on

  • Username 123
    Username 123

    at 7:06 you called Gandonk, Gadonk

  • michael rodrigues
    michael rodrigues

    This bit gave me chills 14:19

  • Captain MacMillan
    Captain MacMillan

    I started smiling when Dan had the old intro back in at the end of the video Thanks Dan:)

  • Alysa Ramsay
    Alysa Ramsay

    Squid's quest shop: Squid opens up his new shop full of good quests and secrets! But when Dan moves to his new house, Squid puts up an advertisement sign right in front of Dan's new house!!!! how will Dan react?

  • Alysa Ramsay
    Alysa Ramsay

    Shady oaks: ep 5: Squid's quest shop

  • Blake Fiddlesticks
    Blake Fiddlesticks

    Hey Dan I think you can mine the netherite buttons and smelt them to make netherite ingots or scraps... I think

  • Blake Fiddlesticks
    Blake Fiddlesticks

    Best series ever!

  • carrot stainer
    carrot stainer

    dan:nooooooo me:yeeessssss

  • carrot stainer
    carrot stainer


  • James Denny
    James Denny

    To ooo ok the outro

  • Poke masta
    Poke masta


  • andrew ciko
    andrew ciko

    how did i know he wa sgoing to die buiding this

  • QuackingDuck 21
    QuackingDuck 21

    I have a metal beyblade aka Betromoth B2

    • QuackingDuck 21
      QuackingDuck 21

      Normally beyblades now are plastic

  • Robo Duckie Boi
    Robo Duckie Boi

    I’ve been playing before horses were added

  • Fart Nugget
    Fart Nugget


  • Sparks

    Squid is hangin out with alot of different people

  • iAmTheLastQuincy

    I dare dan to make a mod vid in the old map

  • iAmTheLastQuincy

    The nostalgia at the end....

  • LivTheUpsideDownBerry

    Ya want some LAFF LOAFS?

  • Jonas Packer
    Jonas Packer

    invite stampy

  • Jonas Packer
    Jonas Packer


  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez

    You should invite Captainsparklez!

  • giddyisme

    Dan: my brain.. is doing something.. Me: I think it’s swelling..

  • Ayanicole Tan
    Ayanicole Tan


  • Brendon

    Squids birthday is Feb 22 and my birthday is Feb 23


    How did you survive this long in hardcore lmao 😂

  • TheFlightGuysAlt

    Holy moly that music takes me back!

  • Alex the Broski
    Alex the Broski

    Why is there dislikey

  • MadduxGamez

    Only the OGs will understand this comment... Only the OGs

  • Chae Fisher
    Chae Fisher

    Bet blades are POGGY

  • Ace Peter
    Ace Peter

    There is actually a series about beyblade in disney channel

  • Mccalment Fam
    Mccalment Fam

    nayblade let it rip!

  • Trini Duarte
    Trini Duarte

    I liked when Dan sees the computer for his twitch, and looks back at Minecraft and then realizes that there are 9000 people seeing his twitch vid lol

  • GamersAnimate

    You know everyone knows about beyblade or neighblade. Lol.

  • Mammoth Vlogs
    Mammoth Vlogs


  • K_rma


  • TeamMINE

    20:46 Yes yes yes

  • Sparky X
    Sparky X

    9:52 Dan: I really want to enchant today, so if I could get some quartz that would be great. Me: I'm pretty sure it's lapis.

  • topazdoesthings

    only pain exists

  • Kathryn Dart
    Kathryn Dart

    Jojo :>

  • Aqua

    Imagine Stampylongnose playing on this server too :0

  • unstoppable gamers29538
    unstoppable gamers29538

    What will it take to join the smp

  • Snoopy6000

    ADD @stampylonghead

  • Astro

    Day 5of begging Dan to Use one of the OG intros again

  • Enderscape 2.0
    Enderscape 2.0

    12:51 whooos taching the child

  • DaCotah Venteicher
    DaCotah Venteicher

    He made the TDMpire

  • ILzy YT
    ILzy YT

    there was a link

  • ILzy YT
    ILzy YT

    oh got it

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