This School Teacher is SCARY! (Little Nightmares II Full Game)
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  • DanTDM


    • emma bland
      emma bland


    • Alan Tyler
      Alan Tyler

      @David yea

    • ItzThatOneDude

      I sneezed as soon as you did LoL

    • Jaiden Castro
      Jaiden Castro


    • Cino Bino
      Cino Bino

      Dan I’ve been watching you since 2018

  • Ben Munro
    Ben Munro

    “This game is beautiful” said Dan

  • {シGacha_Dawgシ}

    Art teacher: let’s learn about tints and shades The person who made little nightmares: might be useful Years later: *We got blue, lighter blue, darker blue, even darker blue*

  • Chad Reasner
    Chad Reasner

    25:36 my man needs to be on tic toc as soon as possible (Dan 2020)

  • Jad Lamdouar
    Jad Lamdouar

    Ur brave to play these games

  • {シGacha_Dawgシ}

    Dan: I might take this... Me: *would run straight to the closest weapon cuz I’m in a haunted nightmare school and I need to protect myself from any potential threat*

  • zhiming yueng
    zhiming yueng

    The janitor his name is Roger

  • Amir Zaripov
    Amir Zaripov

    "I DIDN'T THINK IT WAS GONNA WORK", you didnt think that a hammer would smash a kid, real smart one dan real smart one -_-

  • Salamance

    6:41 Dan: I instantly look backed Me, the world's greatest detective: *confused detective noises*

  • Lynology

    26:49 bless you.

  • MidnightCat Rblx
    MidnightCat Rblx

    Dan: her neck extends WAAY too far!, she's on level three. she would be able to watch netflix from a whole diffrent theater, even a different house! me: *Chuckles * my brain: *WHEEEEEEEZE*

  • The Secret Commenter
    The Secret Commenter

    I am the secret commenter, how did you find me?!!

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    Lexxi Fuller


  • Richard Kim
    Richard Kim

    your new profile photo is really weird

  • T0m l3dz
    T0m l3dz

    I'm the 15,670th comment on this video

  • Bryant Salo
    Bryant Salo

    Dan: SHES HORRIFIC! Me: HORRORific if i know

  • Slothz 4 Dayz
    Slothz 4 Dayz

    “Of course I instantly look backed”

  • TheRollingDawg

    26:52 𝔹𝕝𝕖𝕤𝕤 𝕪𝕠𝕦

  • emma bland
    emma bland

    Hiiiii love you vids ❤️❤️❤️☺️❤️💕

  • SK C
    SK C

    I counted and its 4 hours according to the minutes of the playlist and video, its prob more hours since dan said its longer than last game, there's also cuts in dans vids so yea

  • InvertedVortex

    "Are the croissants or brains? Who knows?"


    Its that moment where you watch dan smash a kids head with a hammer :l

  • Raid Nazeeh
    Raid Nazeeh

    Dan joined the glasses nerds

  • Blaze games 2
    Blaze games 2

    Dan them dunce hats are actually nome heads

  • Lisa Cridland
    Lisa Cridland

    😂dan sneezed it sound weird😂😂lol

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    22:27 That's what she said

  • Grey Christenson
    Grey Christenson

    Little dose he know :(

  • Nichole James
    Nichole James

    Dan: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Teacher with an extended neck: Why aren't u in school?

  • TheDa1sy

    I also freaked out

  • Addison Afton
    Addison Afton

    Watch Superhorrorbros’ video on the little nightmares 2 monsters it’s very interesting and show all the monsters’ pasts

  • Fernando Garcia-Chavez
    Fernando Garcia-Chavez

    Do you mean the teacher can watch NECKflix from a different room

  • Far By
    Far By

    She got u mid air

  • Far By
    Far By

    Duuuuuude make her stop

  • Far By
    Far By


  • Far By
    Far By

    Wack teacher

  • CianTheCreeper96

    Do you know what Dantdm means it means Danthediamondminecart

  • CianTheCreeper96

    8:17 Dan: but that ain’t my problem I’m outta here Me: your the one who killed him!!! What do you even mean?!?

  • emma bland
    emma bland

    Is your day called Darcey I’m called Darcey

    • emma bland
      emma bland


  • Cino Bino
    Cino Bino

    Hi dan

  • Cino Bino
    Cino Bino


  • Cino Bino
    Cino Bino


  • Cino Bino
    Cino Bino

    Uh that’s unfortunately ok dan ok for the sneeze the sneeze is really lightly dan

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    Issaree O'Neill


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    BuddyLily Club


  • Gamatoto_lord_03


  • Esha Gupta
    Esha Gupta

    this game should be named " mind stressing"

  • JP gaming
    JP gaming

    "preferably someone with a normal length neck, that would be great" 49:56 (Turns out the next person doesn't have a neck)

  • Sekabomb


  • Jack Learns YouTube
    Jack Learns YouTube

    Dan: “Oh, are those your children? Cus they’d be perfect for a Tim Burton film, just saying” Me: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh

  • StrikePlayzYT

    This is giving me the creeps! LOOK AT HER NECK DUDE I MEAN SHE BIT YOUR HEAD!


    26:50 sneeze

  • Issaree O'Neill
    Issaree O'Neill

    DLC nome hat

  • Jonathan Parr
    Jonathan Parr

    "u-rinal"dantdm 2021

  • Pro Gaming2354
    Pro Gaming2354

    You have to beat the sack headed guy then go in a hole

  • Pro Gaming2354
    Pro Gaming2354

    I know another way to beat the game

  • RollyG

    voice crack 35:16

  • bao son tran
    bao son tran


  • Daksh Patel
    Daksh Patel

    Someone should edit Dan getting jump scared by the old lady in real life😂😂

  • Daksh Patel
    Daksh Patel

    26:50 Those looking for Dan’s sneeze😂

  • Daksh Patel
    Daksh Patel

    18:08 It’s Philosophers Stone Dan get it right

  • Marilyn Mitchell
    Marilyn Mitchell

    And the kids are not manicens there dolls

  • Marilyn Mitchell
    Marilyn Mitchell

    Dude do you know that Six will betray you

  • Yxllow Bee
    Yxllow Bee


  • Yxllow Bee
    Yxllow Bee

    My gran said it is not a word

  • Tyler Mackinnon
    Tyler Mackinnon

    i played the xbox demo and i said to myself its better and less scary on dantdms videos

  • manly opposite
    manly opposite

    I hope I can be able to make a lil nightmares game It will be called "Captive" there are four of them I hope you can play it but it will take 2 more years until I can get my laptop and might be hard to script and code but thats ok!

  • Owen Osazee
    Owen Osazee

    Dan: smacks detention kid with pipe:brakes half head and kid dies Dan:Still tries to finish him XDD

  • Owen Osazee
    Owen Osazee

    I asked my doll "Can you speak?" She aswered "No" Me: Thank god W-wait wut... 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗯 𝗻𝗼𝗶𝘀𝗲𝘀

    • Mayne Martinez Calderon
      Mayne Martinez Calderon

      jk it actally makes sense cuz the dolls can speak your doll is one of the doll kids

    • Mayne Martinez Calderon
      Mayne Martinez Calderon


  • Uma Manikandan
    Uma Manikandan

    the teacher might be half human half kiler half *GIRAFFE*

  • Helena Guest
    Helena Guest

    Dan : she is perfectly normal. Me : no she has a long neck a creepy face she eats you no she is not normal

  • Helena Guest
    Helena Guest

    Holy mackaroni that scared the heck out of me

  • Helena Guest
    Helena Guest

    What the hell her face her neck

  • Acely Napoles
    Acely Napoles

    I remember a part where you said the teacher was the scariest part I want you seeing the mannequins and the hospital😬😬😬

  • Narelle Dickman
    Narelle Dickman

    I know how to get the duns hat. But you need to get the DLC

  • explorer dh
    explorer dh

    That teacher is a demon and them children are the bullies

  • Nav

    you need to add this video to the playlist DAn

  • Joyce Rocamora
    Joyce Rocamora

    Also SIX DO BE A SAVAGE ( snaps mannequin skull )☠️🤕

  • Leon Butler
    Leon Butler

    Apparently the chess king child is actually human

  • Leon Butler
    Leon Butler

    By chamber of secrets did you mean Philosopher's stone?

  • Luann Matthies
    Luann Matthies

    Teachers name is now Mrs elastic neak I spelled that wrong 😑

  • Luann Matthies
    Luann Matthies

    Teacher/did all you do your HOMEWORK Kids/yes Mono/that teacher is a killer well she is because Mrs. elastic girl has a cousin now and it’s a killer

  • Mellor Movies
    Mellor Movies

    Dan: why is there a dog peeing? Me: finally some humor in this creepy game

  • The Teacher
    The Teacher

    I'm secretly a hot beast giraffe

  • ꧁Wolf club UwU꧂
    ꧁Wolf club UwU꧂

    She is a snake UwU

  • Jack Hooper
    Jack Hooper

    4:56 Nani?!

  • Griffin Gould
    Griffin Gould

    Mono nooooo

  • Holly Drummond
    Holly Drummond

    Dan I amost swolled a stone

    • kathryn James and ben
      kathryn James and ben


  • Linda Van der maas
    Linda Van der maas

    Hoi ik leer jullie Nederlands

  • brandanny

    cheese string teacher theory confirmed

  • ThᾅtΏddPἔrʂθnツ

    We all know what she be choppin up...

  • Kawaii Kitten
    Kawaii Kitten

    Six is a girl right?

  • li shixin
    li shixin

    The teacher can actually turn her head 360 degrees if you moved the table when the teacher is not playing the piano

  • Leah Westerbeck
    Leah Westerbeck

    DanTDM: Why do I always have to go TOWARDS the screaming?!?!? Me: Because it's a horror game. Duh.

  • Sebastian Damhesel
    Sebastian Damhesel

    Did Dan just say "Mono"? Mono... mon... the... teacher...?

  • Mineblock Lego
    Mineblock Lego


  • Mineblock Lego
    Mineblock Lego

    This scary

  • Mineblock Lego
    Mineblock Lego

    Also good vid

  • Mineblock Lego
    Mineblock Lego

    She’s not chopping anything she hitting people with a ruler

  • Babs Vlogis
    Babs Vlogis

    the kids in the school are called the bullies*

  • Babs Vlogis
    Babs Vlogis

    the main characters are Six and Mono

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